About Us

Welcome to DEFCON ONE ARMS if this is your first visit Thank You for stopping by. Defcon One Arms is a GLOCK specialty shop, We specialize in repair, modification and customization of GLOCK firearms.  If you need a new weapon please allow us to consult with you on your needs. Please be aware that most GLOCK's are currently under a Allocated Item status because of the current large demand. Please call for avaibility of any weapons before ordering 720-600-6032. There are a lot of reasons why 70% of all Law Enforcement carry GLOCK’s let us tell you why. Even with the fantastic Durability, Accuracy and Relibility the cost of a GLOCK can be very reasonable.

You can now bring your weapons to my shop and leave them for repair or customization and I can now sell Weapons and do consignments and we also do Transfers. So if you see a firearm you want on GunBrokers.com or one of the other sites just let me know and I will fax them my FFL and they can send it to my address and you can pick it up there after the CBI check. To begin with transfers will only be $20.00 so get that new weapon now.

In case your wondering the name DEFCON ONE ARMS comes from the five states of national emergency status. DEFCON ONE means COCKED PISTOL or Nuclear war is imminent and is Maximum readiness and its color is white. You can find further information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DEFCON  By the way the United States has never been at DERCON ONE readiness.