Glock Custom Services


I am sorry at this time I will only work on Glock handguns, I am a certified Armorer. Below is a list of the services available along with custom shop rates. You can send us your handgun for repair or installation of parts or custom installation. When you send your gun you must use UPS or FedEx one or two day service. Please make sure to get a tracking number for your package and insurance for the value of its contents. DO NOT send your gun via US is prohibited. Make sure your box is secure and well sealed to protect against theft, loss or damage.

Glock Gunsmith Services:

Written Appraisals/Estimates                                                $25.00

Hourly Labor Rare(Min per Firearm $25.00)                         $65.00

Armorer Inspection & Cleaning                                              $65.00

Extended Slide Release Lever Installed                                   $45.00

Extended Slide Lock Lever Insatlled                                        $45.00

Lone Wolf  GLOCK 3.5 lb Connector w/springs                      $75.00

Night Sights with Installation Start at                                           $125.00

GLOCK Dissasembly Tool                                                        $10.00

Labor for installation of aditional parts                                      $25.00

4 Piece Chrome Kit for 3 Pin Glocks                                        $60.00

Note: 3.5 connector by it self will not improve trigger pull you need springs to change the trigger pull.

Note: Test firing conducted on all Law Enforcement, Military & Security Profession handguns unless otherwise agreed apon.

Note: NO DO NOT CLEAN YOUR GLOCK IN YOUR DISWASHER!!! (Thanks to Glock FAQ board for this information) Can I clean my Glock in the dishwasher? You could, but would you want to? First, there is a possibility that the high temperatures could weaken the plastic parts. Second, and more important, you are filling your dishwasher with various chemical foulings including lead; and lead is poisonous.     

Now a few words about cleaning your GLOCK. I have been told by hundreds of GLOCK owners that they NEVER clean their weapons. Well after going through Gunsmith classes I can honestly say that is a very large mistake. I have taken apart several weapons that have been uncleaned and neglected for over a year and were still in fair shape. But I have opened other weapons and found the safety plunger stuck and the firing pin lodged in place with lint after a year. My recommedations are to do a complete Inspection and cleaning EVERY YEAR at very least. It could mean your life. GLOCKS are very dependable but must be maintained.